• Pay Your Bills

    Contest + Rhythmic / Urban + Restaurants

    A fun month long promotion helping web users/listeners relieving them from some financial burden by paying some of their holiday bills. Almost $40,000 in bills were paid generating fantastic responses on-air and on-line. Read More
  • LightRecycle Burnt Out Bulb

    Contest + Feature Page + Recycling + AC

    A wonderful one week promotion taking an ordinary product and making an exciting contest. Read More
  • Curves - New Year, New You

    Contest + Fitness + Database Building

    A four week on-line contest for a free annual membership at Curves with amazing opt-in and membership results. Read More
  • Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse

    Texting + Game + Contest + Restaurant

    An easy and fun mobile game to generate an impressive return on investment. Read More
  • LBA – Veterinary Clinic


    This LBA campaign helped a Veterinary Clinic increase their clients/patients from 15 per month to 61. Read More